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New Help for Voters With Disabilities

Tom Flanigan

Floridians who have disabilities now have a new resource to help them vote in the upcoming elections. That resource was rolled out today (Tuesday) at the Leon County Elections Center in Tallahassee.

Dianna Shepeard has a number of disabilities. But she insists she and other folks with mental and physical challenges are pretty much like everyone else.

“Being disabled doesn’t mean that we’re not normal; we just do things a little slower,” she told reporters during a media event at the Center.

Now Shepeard and other Floridians with disabilities have a new resource to make voting a bit quicker and easier. It was announced by Disability Rights Florida’s Tony DePalma.

“Today Disability Rights Florida is launching its website: ‘Access the’, which is a resource intended to educate and engage Floridians with disabilities about the services and other important information that will enable them to vote.”

DePalma said full use of those services could open the polls up to as many as 3 million more potential Florida voters. State and local election officials are also on board with the program.