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Claims Bill Filed On Behalf Of Leon County Woman Severely Injured In Ambulance Crash

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Sen. Bill Montford (D-Tallahassee) has filed a claims bill on behalf of a Tallahassee woman severely injured in an ambulance crashed into the car in which she was the passenger.

About two years ago, a Leon County ambulance ran a red light in a non-emergency situation and crashed into Angela Sanford. The ambulance driver was at fault. Per state law, Sanford received only part of the agreed to settlement to pay for her medical expenses. Senator Montford filed a claims bill to get her the rest.

“The county, through the judicial system, settled for about $1.2 million,” said Montford. “And, Ms. Sanford was paid the limited $300,000 so far. And, so, this claims bill is the next step that she receives the remainder of the award so she can be taken care of as best she can, considering the injuries she received.”

As a result of the accident, the former Elementary school teacher was left totally disabled and unable to work. Sanford sustained life threatening injuries—including a traumatic brain injury and many fractures.

Months ago, Sanford and her family reached the agreement with Leon County to pay a total of $1.15 million. State law requires the amount paid by a state or local government-run entity to the injured party be capped at $300,000. The rest must have legislative approval through a claims bill.

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