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'Operation Dry Spring' Hailed As Success, Led To Thousands Of Arrests During Spring Break

Walton County Sheriff's Office twitter

The Florida Sheriffs Task Force is hailing “Operation Dry Spring” as a success.  The month-long operation cracked down on the sale of alcohol and synthetic drugs to underage kids in about half of the state’s counties.

“Operation Dry Spring” was conducted during Spring Break—from March 16th through April 12th. It led to more than 2,000 arrests across 28 counties. More than half the arrests centered around underage youth under 21 in possession of alcohol. Most came from Walton County Sheriff Mike Adkinson’s area with 580.

“There’s always a question when it comes to dealing with a thing like underage drinking and Spring Break arrests,” said Adkinson, during a press conference Thursday. “Why be so aggressive in our dealing with this? Ultimately, this is about saving lives. We have seen the loss of life. We have seen injury in this county and statewide, the ramifications that come to alcohol-related incidents in youth.”

Bay County—which has had trouble with Spring Breakers—had the third most arrests of underage youth in possession of alcohol with close to 230.

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