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Fallen Law Enforcement Officers Honored

By Lynn Hatter

Tallahassee, FL – Law enforcement officers from around the state gathered at the Capitol Monday to honor those who died in the line of duty.

Over two-hundred officers representing the various agencies gathered in the Capitol courtyard. Some were on horseback, others on motorcycles, and even more stood at silent attention during the hour long ceremony. They represent a small portion of the men and women working in law enforcement throughout the state. Governor Charlie Crist attended the ceremony, and afterwards, said he was honored to attend.

"I just want to express my great gratitude to not only those who serve in law enforcement but their families that give them the privilege and the opportunity to do so."

Last year, eight Florida officers died in the line of duty. Family members of the fallen officers and officers who died of natural causes attended, along with the families of those who died in the armed services.