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A lionfish in Florida Bay
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From “smart traps” to underwater drones, Florida’s wildlife agency hopes five organizations will spend thousands of dollars in grant funding to find new ways to further target lionfish. The spiny invasive species eat fish native to Florida, have no natural predators, and can lay thousands of eggs over a short period of time.

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“Project Leo” could launch statewide, under a bill that has passed its first House committee. It would make it easier for law enforcement to track missing people with special needs.

The University of Florida is denying white nationalist Richard Spencer’s request to appear on the Gainesville campus next month, citing the deadly violence at a similar rally last week in Virginia.

Parasite Found In Leon, 4 Other Florida Counties

Jul 5, 2017
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Leon has been identified as one of the five Florida counties found to have an invasive parasitic roundworm.

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Gov. Rick Scott met Monday with members of the Safety Net Alliance of Florida to discuss hospital funding. Hospitals have said doctors will leave the state and the poor may not get care if proposed budget cuts become permanent.

An endangered species of Magnolia is the Garden Club of America’s 2017 plant of the year. Researchers at the University of Florida are studying why it’s become rare.

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Several Florida universities and research institutes have received millions of dollars in grants to help fight the Zika virus—the mosquito borne disease that can cause severe birth defects.

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Scientists have unlocked the secret to why so many supermarket tomatoes are tasteless. The findings mean there’s hope for delicious, marketable and affordable tomatoes. The miracles of modern agriculture mean tomatoes are available nearly year round. But ever wonder why those supermarket tomatoes turn out mushy and flavorless? That’s because growers favor bulky tomatoes with high yields and long shelf lives, and flavor got lost along the way.


Floridians are enthusiastic about the economy and their personal budgets. That’s according to a survey by the University of Florida. Consumer confidence among Floridians surged up 6.9 points this month to 97.2, according to a news release. The high mark shows people in the state are as hopeful about the future as they were before the Great Recession and housing crisis in 2008.


A decade of work is paying off for a team of coastal conservationists in Florida. A team of researchers won an $8.3 million grant to restore shrinking oyster reefs.

Florida became the third-largest state in 2014, and if the trend continues, 33 million people will call it home by 2070, according to a University of Florida report.

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The endangered ghost orchid is making a comeback in the Everglades, thanks to a team of Florida scientists.

Scientists across Florida are up in arms about a Republican plan to let people keep historic artifacts they excavate from state-owned land. 

Under the proposal, an amateur Indiana Jones would have to get a permit and allow state experts study and document their finds. But Susan deFrance, chair of anthropology at the University of Florida, says priceless information surrounding the recovered objects could be lost.

“Our excavation of those objects has as much material, or as much information, about our cultural patrimony as the objects themselves.”

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Florida’s system oversight board has confirmed state Senator John Thrasher as Florida State University’s new president. But his appointment to head the second-largest public university in Florida still isn’t without controversy.

About 50 students are standing on the steps of the Westcott Building, protesting among other things,  John Thrasher’s confirmation as FSU’s new President.

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The University of Florida has chosen a new president.

Cornell University Provost Dr. Kent Fuchs, pronounced "fox" will become the 12th president of UF. He will start his new job  New Year's Day, if he is approved by the state university system governing board, the Florida Board of Governors. The BOG will meet Nov. 5 and 6th where it's also expected to take up the ratification of FSU's new president, state Sen. John Thrasher (R-St. Augustine).

UF Quarterback Suspended, Accused Of Sexual Assault

Oct 6, 2014
University of Florida

The University of Florida in Gainesville has suspended its football quarterback amid a sexual assault investigation.

Freshman quarterback Treon Harris has been suspended from the football team while authorities investigate sexual assault allegations against him. Harris has not been charged with a crime.

According to the University of Florida, Harris is accused of sexually assaulting a female student early Sunday in an on-campus residence hall. The incident occurred following the Gators win against Tennessee in Knoxville.
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Experts say the worst may be over for plant lovers who have lost some of their greenery to the recent cold snap.

Wendy Wilber, a horticulture extension agent in Alachua County, says she believes plants, but that have survived thus far will make it to the warmer weather forecast for the end of the week. Still, she’s urging gardeners to turn off automatic irrigation systems for the time being and to take heavy blankets off plants once the deep freeze lifts.

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The University of Florida’s online classes will open for business in January. The online school was created by the Florida Legislature earlier in the year. It’s part of a larger statewide trend toward online education for the state’s schools.

The state has put a larger focus on online education in recent years, and programs have sprung up at many colleges and universities. But outgoing university chancellor Frank Brogan says there’s a lot of work to do to ensure those programs are efficient and high-quality:

Florida State University and the University of Florida can now add another distinction to the list.

The Florida Board of Governors approved the “preeminent university” status for FSU and UF in an unanimous vote Monday. Along with millions more in state funding for both schools, the University of Florida will be able to establish a program offering 4-year degrees entirely online.

Some would argue that Mr. Smith doesn’t get to Washington much anymore, but at Florida’s Capitol his kids are always welcome. Two children’s groups are showing all Floridians just how accessible the state capital can be.

Governor Rick Scott has vetoed a bill that would have allowed Florida State University and the University of Florida to raise their tuition above the state’s 15-percent a year cap.   Lynn Hatter reports, the two schools would have had to get those higher rates approved by the Florida Board of Governors.

UF students, faculty rally against budget cuts

Apr 25, 2012
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The University of Florida is trying to find ways to cut about $40 million out of its budget. It’s considering reductions and mergers in programs like Computer Science.  But faculty, students and concerned citizens are pushing back against the cuts. WUFT’s Dina Lewis reports on the school’s “Save UF, Spend the Reserves Campaign".


Update: Shortly after the rally, University of Florida President Bernie Machen released this statement:


May 10, 2011

To: Faculty and Staff

From: President Bernie Machen

Re:  2011-12 Budget

Governor Rick Scott says he thinks Florida’s new Polytechnic University will pay off in the long run. Lynn Hatter reports it was the Governor’s first public statements about the new school since approving its creation a few days ago.

The new Florida Polytechnic University comes at a time when the rest of the state’s universities are taking a $300 million dollar cut. Scott says it’s time for the universities to prioritize their programs and that the new university is part of that reorganization process.

Sitting on Governor Rick Scott’s desk are two proposals that could bring about big changes to Florida’s Higher Education System. Both measures were hotly debated during the 2012 legislative session and continue to be even now. Lynn Hatter reports one proposal would create a 12th public state university, and the other would let two schools break free of the state’s tuition caps.

If you ask students how they feel about tuition, the answer is pretty uniform.

Two of the state’s top public universities lobbied the Governor for two hours Thursday to sign a bill that would allow them to raise tuition beyond what is normally allowed. But, as Sascha Cordner reports, Governor Rick Scott, who’s opposed to tuition increases, says he’s still not sure where he stands.