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Agriculture Commissioner and Republican Gubernatorial hopeful Adam Putnam
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Florida’s Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner says he wants to set the record straight about what happened when close to 300 background checks were revoked due to an issue at his agency.  Still, despite ongoing criticisms, could Adam Putnam face political fallout over this issue?

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum is smart to launch his gubernatorial campaign early, says one veteran observer.

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The 2016 election has brought out some of the worst the American electorate has to offer.  Bitter and vitriolic, the race has been marked by allegations of corruption from the presidential ticket on down.  Not surprisingly, it’s testing Florida voters’ already tenuous faith in government. 

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Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum stepped onto the next rung of the political ladder Wednesday night, urging unity at the Democratic National Convention.

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Florida’s unemployment rate keeps improving but new results from the Sunshine State Survey suggest the vast majority of Florida households are still concerned about money.

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After two national presidential primary fails, Florida lawmakers are changing the date. The legislature is on its way to reversing the 2016 presidential primaries from January back to March.

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The losses Democrats took during the 2014 midterm election are causing rifts within the party ranks. Still the general consensus is for the party to unite and move forward. But, some political scientists say that can only happen once what’s called the “blame game” phase is over.

Losing Florida’s gubernatorial race was a big blow to Democrats in this election. They also lost a number of races across the state and the nation.

Among the losses were several seats in the Florida House—which created a GOP supermajority.

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A gay rights advocacy group agrees with a decision by Attorney General Pam Bondi to let the state’s high court decide whether Florida’s gay marriage ban is legal.

Bondi's Latest Request

Late Monday, Bondi’s office filed a request with 3rd district Court of Appeal to allow the Florida Supreme Court to immediately review the ban. And, Equality Florida’s Deputy Director Stratton Pollitzer says it’s about time Bondi came to that decision. His group helped six same-sex couples file one of the two Florida cases in question.

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A win by Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist would not only make state history, it would be big for Democrats, who haven’t had a member of their own party serve in the gubernatorial seat since the late 1990s. So, what would an Attorney General win mean for the party and the Crist ticket?

Back during the 2000 election, Florida still elected state education commissioners. Then, Republican Charlie Crist ran against Democrat George Sheldon for the job. The following is one of the ads approved by Crist during the campaign.

Florida House

A couple of political experts are weighing on whether the Republican-led Legislature as well as the Governor moved more to the center this year with some of the bills that passed this Session.


A new poll shows President Barack Obama’s approval rating among Florida voters has fallen to 40-percent. So, will that could reflect poorly on other Democratic races in Florida, including Republican-turned-Democrat Charlie Crist?

University of South Florida Political Scientist Susan MacManus says President Obama’s slip in approval will mean the GOP will seize the opportunity to draw a link between Obama and Charlie Crist, especially since there are several pictures of them together.

New Campaign Finance Rules Take Effect In Fla.

Nov 1, 2013
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A little more than a year before Florida’s 2014 gubernatorial election takes place; campaign contributors are now able to reach deeper into their pockets to support their favorite candidates.

Some Wonder If Capitol Protest Is Worth The Cost

Jul 26, 2013

It’s been nearly two weeks since anti-Stand Your Ground law protesters began occupying Florida Governor Rick Scott’s outer office demanding he call a special session. This week, capitol police divulged what it’s costing taxpayers to let the group stay. Now, some are asking if they’ve overstayed their welcome.

Don’t underestimate the state’s Independent voters. That’s the advice some Florida political experts have for the two main political parties ahead of the 2014 gubernatorial election.

University of South Florida Political Scientist Susan MacManus says Florida’s Republican and Democratic parties need to watch out for what she calls the state’s most volatile electorate: independent voters. She says the number of people who register with the state claiming “No Party Affiliation” is on an upswing.

Governor Rick Scott's office

Governor Rick Scott has given out 40 ‘Great Floridian’ Awards so far. It’s an award given to those who have made significant contributions to Florida, and normally, there’s been about seven at the most named each year.  Scott’s honorees now make up nearly half the awards given out since its inception more than 30 years ago. And, now some are questioning the motive behind the Governor’s move.

The slow pace of the Florida House continued on Wednesday. And that’s because House Democrats and Republicans were locked in a contest of legislative chicken to see who would blink first and call for a return to normal lawmaking procedures.

Gov. Rick Scott Threatens To Veto House, Senate Top Bills

Apr 23, 2013

In the last two weeks of Florida’s legislative session, there’s still plenty of time for the legislature to pass bills and the Governor to veto them. But with conflicting priorities between the two branches some of the most talked about bills may get never leave the Governor’s desk.

“Stand Your Ground” Task Force Stirs Controversy

Feb 25, 2013
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Last week Governor Rick Scott’s “Stand Your Ground” task force released its recommendations on the future of the law here in Florida.  The group said the law should stay on the books, but suggests more education on what self-defense really means and stricter definitions for neighborhood watch groups.   Although the suggestions didn’t surprise many, the outcome doesn’t spell the end for the issue.

Going against many pollsters’ predictions, it looks like President Obama has won the state of Florida, pending final confirmation. Political analysts say, Obama’s victory highlights the importance of last-minute campaigning and the danger of campaigns’ relying on outdated demographic information.

For much of election night, it looked like Florida, the perennial toss-up state, was headed for a mandatory recount, as Obama and Mitt Romney’s vote tallies were less than one-half of 1 percent apart.

The U.S. Justice Department is monitoring polling places in 51 counties in 23 states on Election Day. Officials are looking out for election fraud and possible violations of the federal voting rights laws. Several of those counties are in the Central and South Florida areas.

As the U.S. Senate Race between incumbent Democratic Senator Bill Nelson and Republican U.S. Congressman Connie Mack IV heats up, political experts say it’s really a battle about which party controls the Senate chamber.

USF Political Scientist Susan MacManus says if President Barack Obama is re-elected, it’s critical that incumbent Senator Bill Nelson wins the Florida Senate Race. She says that was one of the rallying points, during Tuesday’s kickoff breakfast for the Florida delegates at the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina.