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Florida’s Bright Futures scholarship program may be getting a $25-million boost. Lawmakers will consider a request next week by the Department of Education to increase funding due to higher-than-expected student participation.

The News Service of Florida reports the program got $520-million this year for merit-based scholarships to high school students who attend a Florida college or university.  

The requested increase comes as student loan debt has jumped in Florida in recent years. Orlando, Tampa, and Miami are among the top cities nationally that had the biggest jumps.

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Next to home mortgages, student loans are America’s second highest amount of debt. Florida U.S Senator Bill Nelson wants to reduce that figure. Jocelyn Beever reports.

A report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York says on average, recent college grads are leaving school with more than $30,000 in debt. And Florida lawmakers worry many of those students haven’t given much thought to how they’ll pay that money back.

Bill Aims To Keep Lawyers In Public Sector

Sep 25, 2013


It’s the second time Broward Democrat James Waldman has filed a bill allowing the state to pay for its public defenders and state attorney’s student loan debt. If the measure becomes law, any public defender or state attorney that works for Florida for three to six years would have their loans paid off directly. Waldman said because most lawyers incur massive debt after law school, many don’t have a choice but to flee to the private sector.

The Florida Department of Education is trying to reduce the number of college students who default on their student loans. So, it’s awarding a grant to 10 community colleges across the state to help educate students how to make the best financial decisions.

Carrie Henderson, with the Division of Florida Colleges, says students in the Fla. college system graduate with nearly $5,000 in debt, on average. She says, the grant should help instructors integrate financial literacy lessons into their existing courses.