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On November 8th, Floridians will cast their ballots for president. But voting doesn’t end with the nation’s top office. There are a slew of down-ballot races, including state senator, judges and Supreme Court justices, and state and local referendums. But way down on the ballot—are soil and water conservation districts. And there’s a growing controversy over whether that office is still needed.

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The gubernatorial and congressional races are headlining this November’s election, but voters will also be asked to decide a few down-ticket races, like who will serve on the Leon County Soil and Water Conservation District board.

Leon County’s Soil and Water Conservation District has five elected volunteer supervisors.

Created in 1937 as part of the New Deal, Soil and Water Conservation Districts originally represented small-scale farms by reporting soil and water needs to the government. Today, the groups primarily act as environmental advocates and educators.

Leon County's Little-Known Campaigns

Oct 12, 2012

The general election is less than one month away, and campaigns big and small are heading in to the home stretch.  Officials said the big races are just as important as the little ones, but some voters are left wondering what exactly the candidates at the bottom of the ballot do.