Republican Party of Florida

Florida Gov. Ron Desantis gives his state of the state address on the first day of legislative session, in Tallahassee, Fla.
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We now know why the Republican Party of Florida suddenly postponed its biggest fundraiser of the year yesterday.

The Statesman's Dinner was supposed to happen in less than two weeks in Orlando, but the party said in a tweet that the event will take place later this year.

President Trump chose Judge Brett Kavanaugh (far left) as his U.S. Supreme Court nominee to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy. But, that decision is causing some mixed feelings.
White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders' twitter

President Trump’s U.S. Supreme Court nominee is already causing partisan divides among Republicans and Democrats. That fight is also making its way to the Sunshine State.

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North Florida’s Republican delegates are weighing in on the state of the party at the National Convention.

Take A Look At Florida's Crowded U.S. Senate Race

Apr 29, 2016
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The race for Florida’s open U.S. Senate seat is crowded with contenders from both parties. Here's a look at some of the better-known candidates.

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In Florida, the race for Republican delegates is under way. In the case of an open or contested convention, delegates could play a significant role.

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In preparation for the Republican convention, North Florida party officials have selected their delegates.

Florida House of Representatives

The Republican Party of Florida has elected a new chair, state Rep. Blaise Ingoglia (R-Spring Hill). That means Governor Rick Scott’s hand-picked chairwoman, Leslie Dougher is out.

Dougher was appointed by Scott in May. She replaced Lenny Curry, who resigned in order to run for Mayor of Jacksonville. Dougher led the party to victory during the recent election cycle—and Republicans won a super-majority in the Florida House, and secured all cabinet positions, including Governor Rick Scott’s re-election. She was campaigning for a two-year term.

Capital Report: 01-16-2015

Jan 16, 2015

A former Florida Department of Law Enforcement official is accusing Governor Rick Scott of political payback after he removed Gerald Bailey as head Of FDLE. It’s not unusual for a governor to shuffle agency heads at the start of a second term, but as Lynn Hatter reports, in Bailey’s case, the issue is about how and why his departure occurred.

Despite a victorious election season, the current Republican Party of Florida’s chair is facing what looks to be a tough fight for her own reelection this Saturday. Regan McCarthy has more

RPOF Chair Leslie Dougher’s Instagram account

The Republican Party of Florida’s Chairwoman is mounting an aggressive campaign to keep her job.

Florida GOP Chairwoman Leslie Dougher helped orchestrate big Republican wins in the state during the last election cycle but she’s struggling to keep her job. Tuesday her campaign released letters and statements in support of her leadership.

The comments come from the likes of previous Republican Party of Florida leaders like Al Cardenas, and Florida State University President John Thrasher. Governor Rick Scott has also spoken is support of Dougher.

FloridaGOP's youtube channel

Governor Rick Scott kicked off his “Jobs Jamboree” tour in Miami Monday, in lieu of traditional inaugural events.

Instead of an inaugural ball or parade, Scott decided to hold a series of informal barbecues and prayer breakfasts across the state, and he launched the tour Monday—also his 62nd birthday. In a video posted by the Florida GOP, Scott talks, of course, about jobs—a premiere point in his campaign.

Leslie Dougher's twitter account/Allison Tant's twitter account

Florida’s 2014 election cycle ended with disappointment for Democrats and many victories for Republicans.

Florida GOP wins include the gubernatorial race, the Cabinet—particularly the Attorney General’s race—and gaining a supermajority in the Florida House after several Democrats lost some seats.

“Well, obviously we got beat,” said Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant. “We got beat across the nation. We got beat in Florida.”

She says the party is now looking to move forward to do better in future races.


Florida’s Cabinet will look exactly the same as it did when they were elected in 2010. In this election recap, we'll look at their respective races, including the Attorney General’s race.

By a one percent edge, Governor Rick Scott claimed victory over Democrat challenger Charlie Crist. But, for the rest of the Florida Cabinet, they coasted to victory by double-digit percentages.

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Florida’s gubernatorial race is expected to be a tight one, and there’s been a lot of ads flying back and forth between the candidates trying to tip the balance ahead of the November 4th election. A controversial online ad unveiled earlier this month has the state chairs of the Republican and Democratic Parties weighing in. And, it’s also gotten the attention of Comedy Central's "Colbert Report."

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A former Republican lawmaker is taking fellow Republican Governor Rick Scott to task over an attack ad, and he along with another Charlie Crist supporter are calling on Scott to take it down.

Former Senator Mike Fasano and former Corrections Secretary under Crist, Walt McNeil, did so during a press conference at the Florida Press Center in Tallahassee, attempting to set the record straight about the ad linking Crist to a convicted Ponzi schemer.

Meanwhile, right across the street, a group of young activists held up signs and chanted “Charlie Swindled Florida.”

Sunlight Foundation

A national report airing on CNN Wednesday accuses Florida Gov. Rick Scott of engaging in “pay-to-play” politics by accepting money and fundraising help from a D.C. lobbyist who’d won a state contract a year earlier.  But the Republican Party of Florida says the report is based on inferences and lacks evidence Scott did anything wrong.

Almost as soon as former Florida Governor Charlie Crist announced Monday what everyone had known for months – that he’ll run for governor in 2014 – Republicans ramped up their campaign painting Crist as a flip-flopper who can’t be trusted.

Monday, the Republican Party of Florida released this ad, bashing Crist:

The Florida Democratic Party is launching a campaign to expose who they say is the “Real Rick Scott”. Party officials say defeating Scott will be a challenge, especially since no big name Democrats have officially declared their candidacy for next year’s race.  

The Dems are taking to Twitter and Facebook in an effort to reach out to key independent voters.

For the second time since the Civil War, Florida voters have elected a black Republican to the statehouse. The Republican Party is hoping Mike Hill’s victory in his Panhandle district will help improve the party’s image statewide.

You may not think the GOP would greet President Barack Obama with open arms. But, a Republican Florida Congressman as well as the head of the state’s Republican Party welcomed the President to Florida Wednesday in their own special way.

Florida Congressman Trey Radel, who serves the 19th Congressional District in Southwest Florida, didn’t exactly put out the welcome mat. He says President Obama is continually showing lack of leadership, from the IRS Scandal in which conservative groups may have been targeted to Obama’s recent visit to Miami.

Governor Rick Scott and the state's Republican Party are defending the successes of his trade missions, particularly Scott's second trade mission abroad to Canada a couple of years ago.

While he believes there may be good reason for the trade missions abroad, House Democratic Leader Perry Thurston says he’d like to see some “empirical data” about just how beneficial these trips are that Governor Rick Scott has led. And, Monday, the Republican Governor says he only has “one message” for those who doubt the successes of his trips so far.

Disgraced Fmr. RPOF Chair Greer Gets 18 Months

Mar 28, 2013

Former state Republican Party Chairman Jim Greer was sentenced Wednesday to 18 months in prison for essentially stealing from the party, far less than prosecutors wanted but more than Greer's lawyer argued he really deserved.

Greer, 50, pleaded guilty last month to money laundering and theft in connection with a scheme in which he created a company and then steered party business to it. The affair was a major embarrassment to Republicans, who forced Greer out after the matter became public.

Updated: Disgraced Fmr. State GOP Chair Jim Greer Pleads Guilty

Feb 11, 2013

Update: 5:30 pm: WMFE-FM/ORLANDO-- Former Florida Republican Party Chair Jim Greer entered a surprise guilty plea in Orange County court Monday morning, just as his trial for grand theft was scheduled to begin.  Greer’s plea deal reduces his possible jail time and puts an end to court proceedings that could have been embarrassing for the Republican Party of Florida.

ACLU, GOP Blame Each Other For Costly Legal Challenges To Fla. Law

Jan 11, 2013

The American Civil Liberties Union of Florida says in the past two years, it has filed a historically high number of cases against the state. Two press releases Thursday, One from the ACLU of Florida and another from the Republican Party of Florida, tried to explain what is and isn’t wrong with the state laws being passed.

The ACLU of Florida filed eleven cases against the state for what they call unconstitutional legislation. The group’s executive director Howard Simon says all of the cases were necessary.

Former Republican Governor Charlie Crist is officially a Democrat. Some say it reaffirms speculation he’s planning another run for Governor in 2014. But, others wonder what this means for the other Democrats who have thrown their hat into the ring.

Here’s how the list of who’ll run for Governor in 2014 is shaping up so far:

Governor Rick Scott has already said he’ll be running for re-election. Then, there’s former Senator Nan Rich, who’s the first Democrat to announce plans to run against Scott.

Republicans have known for awhile now that Charlie Crist would likely make the switch to the Democratic Party, and the former Republican Governor did so late Friday evening. Now, many are saying the move reaffirms speculation that Crist plans to run against Governor Rick Scott in 2014 to lead the state again.