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Florida’s Chief Financial Officer and State Fire Marshal has rolled out new training materials for employers of the state’s first responders. It’s to help those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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Are black students getting a voice in the gun violence debate, after the mass shooting that left 17 people dead in Parkland?

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Governor Rick Scott signed into law Tuesday a bill that expands workers’ compensation for first responders. 

Emerging from his final legislative session, Republican Gov. Rick Scott holds a small lead over incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson in a potential U.S. Senate race that could help determine control of the Senate, according to a poll released Monday.  The poll
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Governor Rick Scott says he will sign a bill that will allow first responders with posttraumatic stress disorder to qualify for workers compensation benefits. Scott made the announcement during a ceremony honoring Florida’s fallen firefighters. 

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Florida lawmakers have approved a bill that will give Florida’s first responders with emotional injuries access to workers compensation. 

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Florida lawmakers want first responders to get workers’ compensation for post-traumatic stress disorder. But the House bill would only give them a year to file a claim. 

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First responders run towards crashes, emergencies and catastrophes, not away from them. And for some, their experiences are leading to post traumatic stress disorder. But in Florida, first responders who develop PTSD on the job don’t get compensated, unless they have a physical injury as well. Now there are efforts at the statehouse to change that. A note to listeners, the following story includes frank discussion of death and suicide.

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In recent months, multiple correctional officers have been arrested for crimes ranging from assaulting inmates to smuggling contraband into correctional facilities. All of the reports of misconduct within the state’s prison system hail from the North Florida region.

In tiny Quitman Georgia, an hour or so north of the Florida border, a former special forces soldier and rodeo circuit rider is bucking the recovery establishment.

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Could Florida do a better job at helping veterans who have mental health issues? Some experts seem think so, like Miami-Dade County Circuit Judge Steve Leifman. He’s the chairman of the Florida Supreme Court Task Force on Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues in the Court.

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The Florida House has unanimously passed a measure meant to ensure people with disabilities can bring their service animals to all public places. One disabled veteran who spoke to WFSU hopes the Senate takes up the bill before the lawmaking session ends this week.

Cesar Silva and his fiancé live in Tampa. But Silva says after returning from Kuwait, he still feels like he’s in a combat situation much of the time, even when entering his own home. That’s when his German Shepherd, Sophia, gets to work.

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A bill aimed at making it easier for people with service animals to get fair treatment in stores and housing moved on to its last House committee today. The bill would require public places to accommodate disabled people who require the help of trained dogs or miniature horses.  

Toni King sat in her office Thursday afternoon at Lighthouse of the Big Bend, a nonprofit that helps people with vision loss. King’s service dog slept on a big plaid cushion beside her. As she talked, she twisted a dog-bone-shaped charm on her silver necklace.