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The Tallahassee Police Department is inviting residents to a series of forums about body cameras.

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Tallahassee Police Department may soon be jumping on the trend of body cams as the organization begins a trial period.

As law enforcement agencies across Florida consider using body cameras, the state’s wildlife officers are following suit.

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Now that Tallahassee Police have received a federal grant for body cameras, the local law agency is working on getting them rolled out to the department.

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Tallahassee Police have to wait until the end of September to find out if they’ll receive their first ever grant for more officers to wear body cameras. The federal grant is expected to cost $675,000.

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Governor Rick Scott has signed a body-camera related bill into law. But, while it has the support of Florida law enforcement groups, others continue to have reservations.

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A couple of bills moving in the Florida legislature aims to make law enforcement officers’ jobs a bit easier.

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A body cameras bill is starting to move through the House and Senate. But,  some lawmakers want another measure to move forward that mandates officers use the cameras at all traffic stops, citing a high profile South Florida death.

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Florida lawmakers want to allow law enforcement officers to review their body camera footage before writing a report or making a statement.

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A Senate effort to expand Florida’s hate crime law to include law enforcement could be called the “Blue Lives Matter Act.” But, while the Florida Sheriffs supports the intent, they’re not so happy about the name.

Leon County Sheriff Works To Reduce Violent Crime

May 18, 2016
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Leon County has seen increases in violent crimes since 2014. The Leon County Sheriff’s Department has implemented programs in the area to help reduce those rates.

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Florida has a new police body cameras law on the books. Governor Rick Scott signed the bill into statute Thursday.

Governor Scott flanked by House Speaker Steve Crisafulli (left) Senate President Andy Gardiner (right) and Senate Minority Leader Arthenia Joyner (far right).
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Time is running out for Florida Gov. Rick Scott to have his say on a number of bills.  If Scott does nothing the legislation becomes law.

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A bill putting guidelines in place for law enforcement agencies using body cameras is now heading to the Governor, after passing the Florida Legislature unanimously.

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A body cameras-related bill is now headed to the Senate floor.

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Caught on cell phone videos and magnified by social media, law enforcement incidents dominate the news. Some Florida lawmakers are working on a host of measures to rebuild the relationship between police and the public.

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A body cameras-related bill is now headed to the House floor, after passing its last committee Thursday.

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The family of Corey Jones is advocating on behalf of a body cameras bill making its way through the Florida Legislature. Jones is the South Florida man killed by a plainclothes police officer months ago.

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A bill requiring law enforcement agencies that use body cameras to have guidelines and procedures in place passed its first House committee Wednesday.


A new online poll suggests there’s overwhelming support for law enforcement across the nation to wear body cameras. It comes on the heels of some Florida lawmakers also saying there is an express need for the cameras, after a recent South Florida death.

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Members of the Florida Black Caucus are asking for an independent investigation into the shooting death of a Palm Beach County man. 31-year-old Corey Jones’ car was stalled near an I-95 exit ramp early Sunday. He was killed after an encounter with a plain-clothes officer in an unmarked car.

Legislation surrounding body cameras has already been filed for the 2016 Florida legislative session. But, the topic in general is still drawing mixed reactions from law enforcement groups across the state.

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A Florida lawmaker is hoping to revive a past effort to make sure law enforcement agencies using body cameras have set guidelines in place.

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A plan to get more body cameras for Tallahassee police officers appears to be stalled this year as commissioners raise concerns about both privacy and cost.

Governor Rick Scott recently gave the nod to several priorities of the state’s first responder unions. Now, those unions are speaking out on what they’d like Florida lawmakers to include in the still-to-be-considered state budget.