Pharmacy Discount Cards: Do They Help Or Hurt?

May 24, 2016
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  As health insurance plans change and prescription drug costs rise, some Floridians are looking to cut costs. One option is a prescription discount card. They work as coupons offering a reduction in the actual cost of prescriptions.

Capital Report: 03-13-2014

Mar 13, 2014

A fight over pharmacy staffing levels may be cooling down under a proposed compromise in the Florida Senate. But as Lynn Hatter reports, whether the deal sticks is another issue entirely.

Lawmakers in the Florida House are considering a plan that would let citizens hold all the cards when it comes to changing Florida gaming law. Regan McCarthy reports that’s one part of the House proposal for a Florida gaming overhaul.

The nation’s health care delivery system is undergoing major changes, and the lines between what different healthcare providers do is beginning to blur. That’s the backdrop for fights between doctors, nurses and pharmacists, and those fights have become an annual occurrence at Florida’s Capitol, as each group tries to increase or maintain its scope-of-practice.

To put it plainly, these are turf battles. At the center is this debate: access, versus quality. 

Some Republican lawmakers are calling for a do-over on a decision made earlier in the year allowing mail-order pharmacies to serve state employees. Lynn Hatter reports the policy targets people with 90-day or longer prescriptions.

Independent and community pharmacists are fighting to be included in Florida's new Medicaid managed care program. They want the Agency for Healthcare Administration to adopt a rule allowing Medicaid patients to get prescriptions filled at the drugstore of their choice.