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Florida Capitol with dolphin statues jumping in front of tall new capitol tower.
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Teacher pay, firearm safety and healthcare spending are among the top issues Florida leaders listed as they made their opening statements on the first day of the legislative session.

Senate President Andy Gardiner talks to reporters.
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Florida lawmakers return to Tallahassee next week, a month after a fight over healthcare funding caused an abrupt end to the regular legislative session. Their mission: get a state budget in place before the start of the July 1 fiscal year. But the fight over Medicaid is still smoldering and lawmakers could be adding more fuel to the fire with other health-related proposals slated for the agenda.

FMA President Dr. Allen Pillersdorf argues against expanded nurse powers in the House Health Innovation Committee on 3/25/15.
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A plan to expand the powers of advanced registered nurses hasn’t yet caught on in the legislature, but eased out of a House Health panel Wednesday. The fate of bill remains cloudy, but its sponsor says even if it fails this year—the issue isn’t going away.

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The Florida House is cobbling together several different health-related bills in the hope the combined proposal will sway the Senate to vote for them. But the new, combined proposal still doesn’t sway some in the originating chamber.

Florida’s powerful physician lobby group is coming out against a proposal that would allow nurses to take on additional roles and duties. The proposal would let nurses write more prescriptions—something the doctors say nurses aren’t trained enough to do.

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The federal Health Resources and Services Administration says at least 55 million people around the country live in areas that lack an adequate supply of primary care doctors. Now, some Florida lawmakers are looking to remedy that by expanding what Nurse Practitioners are allowed to do.

It’s About Florida: Nurse Practitioners

Feb 15, 2013

Lawmakers are considering legislation that would give nurses more authority to prescribe common medicines instead of reserving that privilege for doctors. They say as baby boomers age, more physicians will be needed and passing simpler tasks to nurses will help free them up. But others worry about the negative ramifications increasing a nurse’s scope of power could have.

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Florida House Representative Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda (D-Tallahassee)
Florida Nursing Association Board Member Patricia Wahrenberger