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Local governments would no longer be able to prevent residents from growing vegetable gardens in their front yard if a senate proposal becomes law.

Fruits and Veggies at a farmer's market
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Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam has declared an agricultural state of emergency after scientists detected more than 158 oriental fruit flies in South Florida. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services spokeswoman, Jenn Meale says the infestation is a serious concern for the industry.

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Awesome Tallahassee, a contest allowing innovators to pitch ideas to improve the capitol community, has crowned this month’s winner.

Capital Report: 11-29-2013

Dec 4, 2013

Florida is known for its produce – it’s not uncommon to see roadside stands selling it. The state even features the image of an orange on its license plates.  But amidst all this plenty, Regan McCarthy reports many Floridians have little or no access to fresh fruits and vegetables.