Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater

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Florida’s Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater hosted a ceremony Tuesday to honor the lives of Florida’s fallen firefighters.

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The Florida Cabinet is saying farewell to Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater, who is resigning his post early next month to work as the new Vice President of strategic initiatives and CFO for Florida Atlantic University.

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While Hurricane Matthew didn’t hit the state as hard as some had feared, it left plenty of damage in its wake. More than 39,000 Florida residents have filed insurance claims—mostly due to property damage—and that number is expected rise.

Governor Rick Scott's office

On Friday, Governor Rick Scott honored the 49 victims killed during the Orlando mass shooting with a Tallahassee memorial.

Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater’s campaign to force life insurance companies to search for beneficiaries won him a starring role on 60 Minutes. Now it’s landed him in Leon County circuit court.

CFO Jeff Atwater
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Hurricane season is right around the corner, and Florida’s Cabinet officers have yet to name a new insurance commissioner.  But CFO Jeff Atwater appears confident ahead of next week’s Cabinet meeting.

FCADV President Tiffany Carr flanked by CFO Jeff Atwater.
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Advocates say domestic violence victims often stay in abusive relationships because they lack financial freedom.  Florida’s CFO Jeff Atwater discussed the issue Wednesday with Tiffany Carr, President of the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

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Two Florida lawmakers hope to keep the conversation going to help families searching for answers about their loved ones, buried on the now-closed Dozier School for Boys.

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The Florida Cabinet as well as stakeholders involved in the issue are reviving a discussion about what should be done with the now defunct Dozier School for Boys, surrounded by allegations of abuse and deaths over the course of a century.

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The Florida Cabinet discussed the future surrounding the now-closed Dozier School for Boys, a former Panhandle reform school with a troubling past.

Patrick Murphy for Congress campaign

As U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy starts his run for a senate seat this election cycle, some of the more progressive-leaning Democrats in Florida see him as an elephant in mule’s clothing. Florida progressives met to discuss what to do about the so-called “Wall-Street Democrat.”

Office of Attorney General

Governor Rick Scott and the Cabinet have hired a prominent Florida law firm to defend them against allegations they secretly discussed firing former Florida Department of Law Enforcement head Gerald Bailey. The representation could cost taxpayers as much as 50 thousand dollars.