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Capital Report: 04-13-2015

Apr 13, 2015

Somewhere between 94 and a half million miles to just 300 miles above lurks the threat of EMP, a massive electromagnetic pulse capable of wiping out the entire nation’s electrical grid with catastrophic results. As Jim Ash reports, that’s the warning former CIA Director James Woolsey gave lawmakers Monday.

With less than two months to go, forecasters and responders are gearing up for the Atlantic Hurricane Season. Regan McCarthy reports it’s been a decade since a hurricane made landfall in Florida.

Capital Report: 04-10-2015

Apr 10, 2015

Ratcheting up tension with Governor Rick Scott, lawmakers are plunging ahead with a plan to allow electronic voter registration in Florida. As Jim Ash reports, the move comes despite a warning from the state’s top elections officer.

It’s a year of disruption in Florida. Bills targeting the ride-share service Uber, and the room share system Air B&B are moving. Craft Brewers are challenging major distributors for dominance and now, as Lynn Hatter reports, some doctors are getting in the disruptive spirit by kicking traditional health insurance to the curb.

Capital Report: 04-09-2015

Apr 9, 2015

Two bills aimed at building on past reforms to revamp Florida’s child welfare system plagued by child abuse deaths are now heading to the House floor, after passing their last committee Thursday. Sascha Cordner reports.

Florida students have dealt with an avalanche of problems with this year’s set of standardized tests, which were so bad that legislators have been pushing a proposal to suspend testing temporarily. But, as Matthew Seeger reports, Florida Democrats and activists don’t think the measure goes far enough.

Capital Report: 04-08-2015

Apr 8, 2015

A massive, industry friendly rewrite of state water policy continued churning through the Senate Wednesday. As Jim Ash reports, some critics contend the policy changes are a mile wide and only a few inches deep.

A discussion to extend the state’s gaming agreement with the Seminole Indian tribe for another year got weighed down by a gaming amendment pile on during its first committee hearing Wednesday. But Regan McCarthy reports the despite the heavy load the measure made it through the Senate Regulated Industries Committee Wednesday.

Capital Report: 04-07-2015

Apr 7, 2015

Convinced the state is setting aside too many acres for conservation, some conservative lawmakers want to blur the distinction between private and public land. As Jim Ash reports, plans are in the works to open up public preserves for so called “low impact” agriculture.

A Senate health panel has refused to confirm Florida’s Surgeon General. The move comes amid a spat between Governor Rick Scott, the House and Senate over the future of Florida’s healthcare system. Lynn Hatter reports Scott says the federal government can’t be trusted when it comes to a Medicaid expansion.