Kate Payne

Florida’s coastlines and cavern systems are dotted with historic sites, from World War II era shipwrecks, to Spanish galleons, to remnants of thousand year old civilizations. But there aren’t enough archaeologists to keep up with the underwater preservation. Now the state is training amateur scuba divers to pick up some of the slack.

Florida Memory /

In 1923, a white mob stormed the small, prosperous African American community of Rosewood, near Florida’s Gulf Coast. Fueled by racial resentment, the mob terrorized the black residents, before burning the town to the ground. Now an archaeologist is rebuilding Rosewood – online.

Florida Museum Of Natural History /

The Florida Museum of Natural History is inviting volunteers to help dig up five million year old fossils.

Scientists across Florida are up in arms about a Republican plan to let people keep historic artifacts they excavate from state-owned land. 

Under the proposal, an amateur Indiana Jones would have to get a permit and allow state experts study and document their finds. But Susan deFrance, chair of anthropology at the University of Florida, says priceless information surrounding the recovered objects could be lost.

“Our excavation of those objects has as much material, or as much information, about our cultural patrimony as the objects themselves.”