2016 Hurricane Season

Hurricane Matthew as seen from the International Space Station on Oct. 3

The Citizens Property Insurance Company is regrouping after two hurricanes hit the state.  The state-backed insurer is disappointed with the response of independent contractors handling claims adjustment.


Residents and business owners affected by Hurricane Hermine in Manatee, Taylor, and Wakulla Counties can now apply for federal disaster assistance loans. That brings Florida’s total number of qualified counties to 25.


Florida’s catastrophe fund will suffer minimal losses due to Hurricane Matthew, state officials announced Tuesday. With $17 billion in reserve, the “cat fund” is ready to pay out insurance companies that are overloaded by damage claims.

State of Florida, Meredyth Hope Hall

Governor Rick Scott says he won’t extend the state’s voter registration deadline because of Hurricane Matthew. That decision is attracting criticism from one Florida political scientist.

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Tallahassee retirement community Westminster Oaks is opening its doors to Jacksonville evacuees from Hurricane Matthew. Forty-seven assisted living residents from Westminster Woods, a sister facility in Saint Johns County, arrived Thursday morning, along with twenty staff members and their families.

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Hurricane Hermine narrowly missed hitting Florida on primary election day, making landfall three days after polls had closed. But what happens when elections take a rain check?

Florida Public Radio Emergency Network

A potential tropical storm is keeping local supervisors of elections on alert this weekend. The storm still remains disorganized out in the Bahamas, but it could become a tropical depression or tropical storm over the next several days.

Climatologists Predict Increased Hurricane Activity

Jul 25, 2016
Florida hasn't seen a hurricane in more than a decade but the state's insurer of last resort is still looking for rate increases.
National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration

El Niño is winding down, and the chance for a hurricane is going up.

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Florida wildlife officials are continuing to monitor the aftermath of Tropical Storm Colin and its impact on sea turtle nests across the state. The storm destroyed several hundred nests, but officials say Floridians can help.


During hurricane season, the only thing that’s consistent is inconsistency.

That’s why local emergency management directors worry the lull in landfall hurricanes has made Florida residents downplay the threat.

Joe's bike shop mechanic Peter Burchell talks impacts of Tropical Storm Fay
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The state of Florida’s property insurance market is good. That’s according to Florida insurance leaders. But as Florida prepares to enter the 2016 hurricane season, prices are starting to go up, and at least one insurance official is warning of a perfect storm of issues that could hurt the state if a major hurricane hits.

storm surge, Tropical Storm Colin

New scientific advances made possible by super-computers are leading to improvements in hurricane predictions. Federal leaders in Washington say their five-day track forecast is now as accurate as the three-day forecast was twenty years ago. And that means residents will now have access to a new storm surge map.


For the past 10 years, there’s been a system in place allowing Floridians to register their contact information in case of an emergency situation. And, as residents continue to prepare for hurricane season, officials are stressing the importance of enrolling in that program.

Gov. Scott (center) with emergency officials being briefed on Tropical Storm Colin Monday morning.
Nick Evans

Emergency responders in Florida are preparing for Tropical Storm Colin to make landfall Monday evening.  Governor Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency in 34 counties ahead of the storm.

The state of Florida hasn't been hit with a hurricane in more than a decade, and that has state emergency managers concerned residents might not be prepared for the worst.

Florida International University

You’ve heard it before. Hurricane Season is here. And it’s time to get ready. But Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater says there’s more to hurricane prep than one might think.

Representative Gwen Graham didn't exactly "kick" off the hurricane season. She lifted it off.

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To mark the start of hurricane season local officials are calling on residents to get prepared.


Storm surge is often seen as one of the deadliest effects of tropical cyclones and can cause dangerous flooding. With Hurricane Season about to be upon us, meteorologists are now out with a new tool to help better forecast storm surge.

Hurricane Isabel in 2003
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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is predicting there will be ten to sixteen named storms this hurricane season.  That’s about normal for the Atlantic.

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Hurricane Preparedness Week begins Sunday, and one Florida Senator will hold a hearing Wednesday as the hurricane season fast approaches.

State Officials Prepare For Hurricane Season

Mar 31, 2016
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With hurricane season on the horizon, state officials say they’re ready to weather the storms.