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Americans for Prosperity is conducting a Florida-wide tour in an effort to link Biden and the Democrats to inflation

A white, blue, and red gas station sign sits above a digital marquee with the number 2.38 written on it.
Tom Flanigan
The Mahan Drive Marathon lowered its regular gas price by more than $1 a gallon for the hour-long promotion.

Traffic was heavier than usual the morning of Aug. 31 on Tallahassee’s Mahan Drive just east of Magnolia Drive. Motorists were lined up to take advantage of a single hour of low gas prices.

The $2.38 per gallon promotion at the Marathon station was organized by the free-market advocacy group Americans for Prosperity. The group’s Florida Director Skylar Zander said the Biden Administration was to blame for the current price inflation, especially when it comes to gasoline.

“He ended the Keystone Pipeline right away and ended the ability for folks to be able to drill and get new permits on public land, ” Zander told reporters as bargain seekers thronged the station's 8 pumps and several of the organization's representatives worked to convince the customers that gas would be that cheap normally if only someone more conservative were in the White House.

Even though the American Petroleum Institute has said international supply and demand, along with Russia’s attack on the Ukraine, have had a bigger impact on prices at the pump, Zander insisted there was more to his organization's message than the cost of a fill up.

“We’re not talking about just petroleum. We’re talking about natural gas and other things that have been on the rise since the Biden administration has taken office.”

Americans for Prosperity is hoping voters will blame the president and other Democrats for higher consumer prices across the board.

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