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Cabinet To Consider Twenty Nominees To Veterans' Hall Of Fame

Howard Ignatius via flickr

Florida is nominating 20 more exceptional service members to the state Veterans’ Hall of Fame. A Madison County man is at the top of a list of nominees. 

After fighting in the Pacific Theatre, World War II airman Bernard Wilson focused on recognizing other service members. His son David Wilson spoke on his behalf.

“He also did it to commemorate in 1995 the veterans of World War II. Had their names on the wall…He had Korea and Vietnam veterans, had another wall for them. And so the tradition has followed…and in 2001 during Iraqi Freedom and War in Afghanistan there was another wall erected,” David Wilson said.

Fellow veteran and Hall of Famer John Haynes also testified for Bernard Wilson Tuesday.

“If you should go to Madison, this little town that’s 45 miles from here, and if you go throughout that town you see statues, monuments, memorials. Over 90% of those were originated and brought to fruition by Bernard Wilson,” Haynes said.

Testimonials for Wilson, Florida State University president John Thrasher and the 18 other nominees now go to the Florida Cabinet for final review. The cabinet will review the nominations at its September 26th meeting.