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FSU 'Game Day' Case Heads To Appeals Court

adam theo via wikimedia commons

The First District Court of Appeals is revisiting the issue of storing firearms in cars on university campuses.  A Florida State University directive in 2015 initially—and incorrectly—prohibited guns in violation of the courts.

A 2013 state appeals court ruling determined people can store firearms in their vehicle even when they’re in an area where firearms are prohibited—like university campuses.  But ahead of football season in 2015, FSU sent out a parking guide warning fans not to bring guns even if they planned to leave them in the car.  The school argues it was a mistake, but Eric Friday of Florida Carry says the school was supposed to check its policies after the earlier decision.

“Their job in 2013 when this court made its decision—in 2013,” Friday says, “it was their obligation to go through and review all of these policies and to stop trying to tell students that they had a rule about guns.”

A county court judge found the issue moot because the school has since updated its guide.