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Medical Marijuana Activists Begin Gathering Signatures For New Ballot Measure

Amendment 2 failed to meet the 60% threshold in the 2014 election.
Brett Levin via Flickr

The organization pushing for medical marijuana in Florida got a new ballot initiative approved by the Secretary of State Friday.  United for Care believes their new proposal will succeed where last year’s Amendment Two failed.

In the run-up to last year’s election, opponents of the initiative allowing limited medical use of marijuana called the proposal flawed—rallying around arguments that children would get access, felons could register as caregivers, and providers would be immune from malpractice claims.  United for Care Campaign Manager Ben Pollara is adamant these so-called loopholes never existed in the first place.

“However, having gotten second chance to do it,” Pollara says, “we made some changes to the amendment that essentially clarify those things that we said all along already existed in the amendment.”

To get on the 2016 ballot, the organization will need to collect 683,149 verified signatures by February first of 2016.  But they’re hopeful the legislature will take action on its own before then.