Voices That Inspire Extended Interview

  • Hosted by Kim Kelling

WFSU's Director of Content and Community Partnerships, Kim Kelling, interviews movers and shakers, and most importantly, the people who make up our community. Her interview subjects are asked to share their thoughts on their own inspiration with our listening audience. By listening to our Voices That Inspire extended interview, you will discover that influence, inventiveness, creativy, and innovation can be reached in many ways. 

Founder of She Academy, Inc., Shaqualyn Shedrick, visited us in the studio to talk about here work with young women and girls in the community. She Academy is a non-profit organization that pairs teenage girls ages 14-18 in the Leon County area with trained adult volunteers (mentors) in one-on-one relationships. Shaqualyn believes we need more positive role models and self-awareness within our community. She wants to share the message that the moment you get out of your own way you can succeed in anything you want to do.

Amber Tynan, Executive Director of United Partners for Human Services, thinks often about hunger and housing in regards to human needs within our community. Her organization has adopted the hashtag #thepowerofthecollective. She believes in the power of addressing our community's issues in collaboration with others across the community, to leverage our resources. Her goal is to support our neighbors - the people who need help as well as the helpers in our community.

Todd Sperry is vice president and CFO of OliverSperry Renovation in Tallahassee Florida. He believes that you have to have disappointment and failure to learn and figure out what comes next in life. Nothing happens when you stay comfortable. HIs primary focus is improving the business environment in Tallahassee, and wants Tallahassee to be a community that is dynamic and moving forward. He is inspired by people that are giving to the community and looking for nothing in return.

VP of Student Affairs at Florida State University, Amy Hecht, speaks about her observations of the FSU experience. She is proud to facilitate student development in many ways. She credits the FSU experience for helping to train students to be valuable members of the global workforce. Amy is happy that her interactions with other faculty and staff have shown that at FSU, "our students come first."

Lester Hutt of Diverse Computing explains how he became connected in the Tallahassee community after moving here more than 15 years ago. His point of inspiration is helping newcomer university faculty to gain and maintain a positive impression of Tallahassee by setting up opportunities for them to network and meet new friends.

Royce Lovett is a singer/songwriter. His parents raised him to be very purpose-driven. Royce knew exactly what to pursue when he started hearing music. Music has taken him places he never thought he would go, and has overall made him a better person. To Royce, success is being purposeful and fulfilled - not chasing money.

Vincent Edwards - Be Who You Are

Oct 10, 2019

Vincent T. Edwards is an inspirational and motivational speaker. Mr. Edwards used to be focused on what other people wanted him to do instead of focusing what he was put on Earth to do. Now, he knows that he is supposed to help people find their purpose in life. He wants people to have fun, and to finish everything they start.

FSU Chief of Police, Terri Brown, speaks with WFSU Public Media about her sources of inspiration. She comes from a family of law enforcement, and has been inspired by her uncle in particular, who was a Lieutenant Sheriff. She in turn wants to inspire women in the law enforcement profession and knock down the ideas of a glass ceiling. She looks forward to meeting and serving the FSU community.

Data guy, Rick Burnette, is Associate VP for Metrics, Analytics, and Strategic Planning at Florida State University. He helps to empower people around him by using the data he gathers. He finds he is inspired by people all over Florida State University, working every day to ensure the University's top-ranked status. Rick has long-standing pride in FSU and you can say he bleeds garnet and gold!

Educator Shelly Bell is Director of Career, Technical, and Adult Education for Leon County Schools. Shelly's own mother was an educator and she has been inspired in her work by her mother's impact on the education community and the relationships she formed with her students. Shelly's goal is to help to promote jobs and training in our community so that all people have opportunities for success.

This week we speak with Matt Thompson, managing partner of For the Table Hospitality (https://www.linkedin.com/company/for-the-table-hospitality). He explains to us how, over time, his perspective on work has changed and how creating value in others' lives is truly what makes life meaningful. He looks at two defining moments in his career to help explain this concept.