Voting Rights Groups Prepare To Fight Florida's Districts In Court – Again

Aug 12, 2014

The League says congressional districts passed Monday don't do enough.
Credit Florida Senate

Florida’s Legislature may have approved new congressional districts Monday, but critics say the question is far from settled.  The League of Women Voters claims the revision does not address the issues that sent the old map to court in the first place.

After Leon County Circuit Judge Terry Lewis ordered Florida lawmakers to redraw the congressional district map, the Florida League of Women Voters was ecstatic.  But League President Deirdre McNabb says the Legislature’s special session was a farce.

“It is unfortunate indeed,” McNabb says, “when the Legislature gets a second chance opportunity to do the right thing, that it was not a process that seemed to really fully engage both parties.”

A hearing is scheduled for August 20 where Judge Lewis will hear arguments about the map’s constitutionality and the potential for holding elections with new borders later this year.