Vocational Rehab To Issue Performance Reports Under Gaetz Bill

Jan 11, 2016

Credit Division of Vocational Rehabilitation / Florida Department of Education

Republican Sen. Don Gaetz wants to the Office of Vocational Rehab to do better when it comes to placing people with disabilities in jobs.

Monday the Senate’s Higher Education Committee approved a bill requiring vocational rehabilitation to develop a performance improvement plan and submit an annual report card to the Governor and legislature.

 "Most of this was passed last year," Gaetz explained."The performance provisions would expire July 1 2016 unless the legislature codifies them and that’s why this bill is before you, to codify those performance measurements.”

Lawmakers have criticized the program for its low job placement rates. Under Senate Bill 962 the agency would have to put measurable goals in place that focus on employment. The office’s director has said Vocational Rehab is spending most of its money on mental health services because people who are uninsured have turned to her agency for help.