Tallahassee Fallen Firefighters Memorial Vandalized

Nov 13, 2012

The Tallahassee Fallen Firefighters Memorial was vandalized this Veteran’s Day weekend. The statue was toppled and shattered into pieces.

Firefighters from a nearby station found the 200 pound statue at around 3 in the afternoon on Monday. The group was returning to their station after an emergency call and noticed the statue in pieces strewn across the ground. Tallahassee Fire Department spokesman Mike Bellamy said the memorial held a special meaning.

“The memorial served as a symbol of just the dedication of firefighters that they make here in our community in Tallahassee and Leon County and also across the nation. And September 11th, was a fitting time to dedicate that as we saw just the large number of firefighters that lost their lives,” Bellamy said.

The Tallahassee Police Department is looking for any information on the incident. Because the statue is valued at more than 1- thousand dollars, the culprit could be facing felony charges.