Marsy's Law for Florida To Launch Social Media Campaign

Jun 7, 2019

Dr. Henry T. Nicholas III, left, and his mother Marcella Leach lead the march with a photo of his sister Marsy Nicholas during the Orange County Victims' Rights March and Rally, Friday, April 26, 2013, in Santa Ana, Calif. Dr. Nicholas is co-founder of Broadcom Corp. and chief architect of Marsy's Law, Marsy Nicholas was murdered in 1983 and Marsy's Law is named in her honor.
Credit Bret Hartman / AP Images for Marsy'

Victims’ rights group, Marsy’s Law for Florida, is launching a social media campaign that it says will help explain 2018’s Amendment 6.

In 2018 voters passed Amendment 6 which enshrines rights for crime victims, in the Florida constitution. The measure known as Marsy’s Law has caused confusion. Kat Bustamante, who represents the group thinks legislation is needed to help clear it up.

“What that would have done is create some consistent guidelines for how Marsy’s Law for Florida should or shouldn’t be used across the state. That is something were looking forward to dealing with as time goes by,” said Bustamante.

During the 2018 session a bill was filed in the Senate, but never received a hearing.

Now Marsy’s Law of Florida, is launching a social media campaign to try and clear the misunderstanding.

“So this social media campaign is really set to kind of set the record straight and really focus on the myths versus the facts of what Marsy’s Law for Florida does and doesn’t do,” explained Bustamante.

The amendment gives victim the right to be present at all proceedings involved in a court case, and assures the timely notice throughout the case along with greater privacy protections.

The bill is expected to be filed next session. In the meantime, the Florida Court Clerks are working to implement a best practice across the state.