Local Leaders Say 2013 Legislative Session Was Good For Leon County

May 14, 2013

Leon County officials say the 2013 legislative session turned out well for the region. Schools, universities and state employees are all celebrating.

Local leaders met with state legislative delegates today on Tuesday to discuss how the laws and budgets passed this session will affect the local community.

Rep. Alan Williams (D-Tallahassee) said, this year’s budget includes pay raises for the thousands of state workers in the area, the first they’ve seen in seven years. And that should help boost the local economy.  

“These state employees have more discretionary money to go in and buy groceries, buy more groceries, go in our restaurants, shop in our malls. And when that happens, those retail outlets hire more people," Williams said.

But he said, it’s not good enough, and he’ll continue fighting for more raises next year.  

And representatives from Leon County Schools and Florida State University say they’re pleased with increased funding this session. FSU got a recurring $15 million for being designated a preeminent university.