At Last Florida Delegation DNC Breakfast, Female Politicians Hail Hillary Clinton

Jul 28, 2016

Some female politicians from Florida are hailing Hillary Clinton, the first woman to be a presidential nominee for a major party. Their remarks came at Thursday’s Florida delegation breakfast in Philadelphia, before Clinton took center stage at the Democratic National Convention.

North Florida Congresswoman Gwen Graham says Floridians need to work hard to make sure Donald Trump—the Republican presidential nominee—doesn’t make it to the White House. She says that should be reserved for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“On education, Hillary has a plan to invest in our children and make college more affordable and in our environment, Hillary is ready to fight climate change and invest in clean energy that will create jobs in the Sunshine State,” said Graham.

And, Graham, who may be planning a gubernatorial run in 2018, says Florida Democrats shouldn’t stop there.

“And, thankfully, we can start making things better in Florida too,” she added. “We have the ability to elect a new legislature this year, with great young voices, like my friend, Lauren Book.  And, in two years, we will have the opportunity to take back the Governor’s mansion. We’re going to have to fight to do this.”

Representing the South Florida area, Lauren Book was recently elected to the Florida Senate. She’s led the charge on numerous state legislation now laws as a sexual abuse survivor and advocate.

“My parents brought a woman into our home to help,” said Book. “She became more than a caretaker, she was a part of our family, we all loved her and my parents trusted her beyond any shadow of a doubt. But, when I was 11 years old, the woman we knew as our family nanny, violated that trust, and began to physically, sexually and emotionally abuse me. I was scared, embarrassed and ashamed.”

But, she says after six years, she was finally able to disclose the abuse, grow stronger, and become the advocate she is today. And, she says Hillary Clinton is a great advocate as well.

“I am not alone in my quest for child protection, far from it,” added Book. “Over the years, Democrats have lead the fight to defend women’s rights and children’s rights, which are, as declared and defined by our Presidential Nominee to be human rights.”

A fight that Book thinks must gain even more prominence.

“2020 marks the hundredth anniversary of women’s suffrage and you want a woman who has spent her entire career fighting for women, children and families in the White House–not a “Trumpster” who oozes sexism, disrespect and disregard for women and their worth,” she continued.

And, Book says that’s why it’s time to make sure Clinton, not Trump, is elected.

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