As Hurricane Season Approaches, Florida Officials Urge Storm Preparedness

May 29, 2014

Hurricane season begins June 1.
Credit NOAA

Hurricane season is fast approaching, and Florida residents should heed all evacuation warnings. But a new survey reveals that an alarming number of Floridians would rather stay at home.

The hurricane season officially starts on June 1, which could soon mean flood watches and evacuation warnings for wary Florida residents. Some Floridians, however, would rather brave the storms themselves.

According to a recent survey published by AAA, nearly 20 percent Florida residents would not evacuate their homes in the event of a hurricane or other named storm. But Florida Division of Emergency Management Communications Director Aaron Gallaher stresses that special-needs populations like the elderly may not have the ability to evacuate.

“If for some reason you are unable to evacuate then we encourage you to register with local emergency-management officials. Let someone know where you are, and perhaps there’s a special-needs shelter, or some other form of assistance the county can provide,” Gallaher says.

Gallaher advises that Florida residents take advantage of the upcoming hurricane supply sales-tax holiday in preparation for the season. The holiday runs from May 31 through June 8.