Gillum Aims To Move Past Rocky Roll-Out, Highlights Ed And Infrastructure

Mar 3, 2017

Mayor Andrew Gillum
Credit Nick Evans

The race for 2018 has begun.  Ahead of a Saturday rally in downtown Tallahassee, hometown Mayor Andrew Gillum met with reporters to discuss his bid for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination.  

Gillum emphasized the importance of education and role major infrastructure projects can play in transforming the economy.

“If you’re the construction worker as my dad was, you get to go to work,” Gillum says, “If you’re the engineer or the architect, if you’re the bodega owner or the food truck owner you also get to go to work.”

The mayor’s campaign roll-out has been rocky, but Gillum is brushing off GOP critiques as he begins what could be a year and a half long fight.

“We’re going to remain undeterred.  We’re going to run this race,” Gillum says.  “Will we be perfect all the way?  Probably not.  If we make mistakes, we’ll admit to them, we’ll correct them and move forward.”

“But I’m going to be undeterred around the issues that matter in this state,” he goes on, “and that’s what I plan to talk about and lean into over the next 18 months.”

Critics, including the Republican Governors’ Association, claim Gillum violated election laws right out of the gate with his announcement video and a campaign email.  Gillum says the claims are exaggerated, and his campaign is operating within the law.

His campaign is holding a rally at Kleman Plaza in downtown Tallahassee Saturday.