Florida Is Officially Joining ERIC

Dec 11, 2019

Governor Ron DeSantis announced Wednesday Florida is officially partnering with ERIC or the Electronic Registration Information Center. It's a non-partisan organization that essentially creates a multi-state database.

Credit Andrew Harnik / AP

Former Leon County Election Supervisor Ion Sancho explains: “So for example you can fare out individuals that live in Miami-Dade and vote in New York City and vote in Miami-Dade.”

It’s most known for reducing voter fraud and identifying people who are registered to vote in multiple states. But Sancho says joining ERIC will help make sure elections in Florida are held to a high standard.

“To join ERIC you have to agree that you have to be voter-friendly. You have to send out mail outs to citizens. You have to provide them basic voting information. And that is the key really to I believe good elections," said Sancho.

To finalize the partnership legislature must agree to pay annual dues estimated at $75,000. And another $1.3 million to help conduct the unregistered voter outreach through direct mail.