FAMU's Mangum Could Be Out By Sept.15

Sep 2, 2016

President Elmira Mangum.
Credit FLorida A&M University via Twitter

Florida A&M University President Elmira Mangum is negotiating terms for stepping down from her position. The school’s a committee of board of trustee members has approved a tentative deal that could lead to Mangum stepping down in mid-September.


The plan would allow Mangum to take administrative leave until her contract expires in April. She would also have an additional sabbatical period with the option to return to the university as a tenured professor at 90 percent of her current salary in the first year. Trustees are hoping for an "amicable" split.

“I wanted to bring this because I think it’s a very good approach to one: give the respect to Dr. Mangum for her tenure and also we look into what is in the best interest of the university," says Board member Thomas Dortch.

Mangum is asking for moving expenses and a portion of her attorney’s fees to be paid. The outline was approved by a special committee Friday and goes to the Full Board on September 15. If approved Mangum would have to step down immediately. But the president says she isn’t interested in stepping down or resigning and that details are still open for negotiation. 

“How the employment situation is handles before March 31st is still under discussion with your council. Whether it’s me being on administrative leave or something. It’s never been my intent to resign," she said.

A resignation implies quitting, while stepping down implies she was forced out of the job. Under the proposal Mangum could take administrative leave with pay until the end of her contract in April.