CFO Jimmy Patronis Talks DNA Testing Companies

Mar 27, 2019

Over the years DNA testing companies have been becoming more and more popular. FamilyTreeDNA, offers its customers a chance to discover their heritage, and possibly find living relatives after taking a DNA test. But without consent from each client the company shared genetic data with the FBI, and other DNA Testing companies have done similar things with pharmaceutical companies. Florida’s Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis thinks that’s wrong and that DNA should be treated like a medical record. He spoke WFSUs Blaise Gainey about the why it’s wrong and what the state is doing to stop it.

  • What are DNA testing companies doing with genetic information? And what currently proposed legislation would prevent it?
  • What do the companies who purchase the genetic information use it for?
  • Bills in both chambers would prevent insurance companies from using genetic information to deny, limit, or cancel coverage. Are these priorities this session?
  • Do you think this will take one session to solve?