Caregivers Contend with Flood of Homeless Kittens

May 20, 2019

North Florida is seeing a sudden surge in the number of homeless cats and kittens. Deidre Carey is with the Leon County Humane Society.

One of the "bottle babies" fed during Saturday's event to promote adoption of homeless cats, kittens and puppies.
Credit Tom Flanigan

"This year so far we've already taken in almost 250 cats. Usually we do about 350 in an entire year, so we're definitely going to be needing some extra help, donations, fosters, anything we can get to help with the influx we've seen."

At the same time, Carey said her organization was being called upon by neighboring areas that have even fewer resources to deal with the problem.

"Panama City, Jefferson County..." she began ticking off the various locations. "Everyone needs help everywhere. Kitten season is a problem nationwide."

On Saturday, May 18, the Society hosted one of its popular Bottle Baby events. That's where prospective owners can feed and bond with young kittens in the hopes that will ultimately lead to adoption.