Body Cams Not A Top Priority For City Commissioners

Jul 7, 2015

Credit Urban Tallahassee

A plan to get more body cameras for Tallahassee police officers appears to be stalled this year as commissioners raise concerns about both privacy and cost.

During their Tuesday budget workshop, Tallahassee commissioners told the chief of police, despite new state rules, they’re worried body cameras could be used to invade citizens’ privacy. They also say purchasing enough cameras for the rest of the police force is costly. Mayor Andrew Gillum maintains body cameras are part of the future of police work.

"We’re a 21st century police department and we have to practice 21st century law enforcement and I think that includes that practices that I think make it safer for our law enforcement and the public,” Gillum says.

Commissioners say there are other items they’d rather spend the city’s money on this year. And they add holding off on body cameras for another year or two will allow time to learn from mistakes other cities might make while implementing their cameras.