Back To The Drawing Board: Department Of Health Won't Appeal Low-THC Marijuana Ruling

Dec 16, 2014

Low-THC marijuana products have shown promise treating epilepsy symptoms.
Credit Brett Levin via Flickr

The Florida Department of Health has chosen not to appeal a court ruling invalidating the agency’s rules for low-THC marijuana.  The deadline was Monday.  Lobbyist Ron Watson says he’s optimistic for progress at the next meeting.

“We basically look like we’re starting over again,” Watson says, “but I think with better guidance especially from what the judge put in his ruling.”

The Legislature passed a law allowing low-THC marijuana in certain circumstances earlier this year, and the next rules workshop will be in Orlando, December 30.  

But putting a final set of rules in place is still likely months away.  After December's public workshop—and it may not be the last—the agency will have to write its final drafts.  Beyond that, there are typically two statutory waiting periods of 20 and 21 days respectively before the rules can take effect.