Academics Say Driverless Cars To Bring Societal Shift

Feb 16, 2017

Academics are urging Florida lawmakers to consider the fundamental way so-called “autonomous vehicles” will change society.

Florida State University researchers predict driverless cars, or "autonomous vehicles," will be fully integrated into society by 2060. But they say society will look much different because of it.
Credit SlashGear

Experts told a Senate panel driverless cars will eliminate the hassles of commuting and encourage urban sprawl. Florida State University’s Lindsay Stevens says fewer people will need to own a car, but that may have a down side.   

“Being the state of Florida, being hurricane prone. Evacuation clearance. What happens when you have automated vehicles that are on a shared system?”

Industry experts say Florida is miles ahead of other states in anticipating the technology and has allowed driverless vehicles on the highway since 2012. This year, lawmakers are considering a bill that makes the technology the responsible party for traffic infractions.