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GOP calls 2012 "War For Women"

Republicans and Democrats are trying to position themselves as THE party for women voters. Democrats are blasting the Republican Party for socially conservative positions on issues like abortion and birth control. But Republicans are deflecting those claims by putting the spotlight on the President’s handling of the economy.

Florida Federation of Republican Women Vice President Cynthia Henderson says she’s fired up over Democratic claims that her party is waging a so-called “war on women”. That’s an attack Democrats are using against Republicans for their opposition to issues like abortion, birth control and pay equality. Henderson calls that a distraction in an election year where the number one issue is the economy.

 “Every time someone brings up the issue of the war on women, which I think is a war FOR women, it’s just a distraction. It’s not important. The President’s role is to direct this county in a very strong way.”   

The GOP as a whole has been largely silent on social issues, choosing instead to focus on the economy, an area where they say President Obama has failed women. Florida State University Political Scientist Carol Weissert says it’s a good strategy for the party as it tries to get more female support.

“The Republicans need to court the women’s vote, because there is a gender gap. Women tend to support Democrats in General and they are supporting Obama more than Romney. That’s a demographic that Republicans are interested in getting.” 

More women voted during the 2008 election cycle than men did and 56 percent of their votes went to President Obama. However, recent polls show Obama’s position with women voters is beginning to slip as many Republican women rally around GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.