Robbie Gaffney

Multimedia Reporter

Robbie Gaffney is a recent graduate from Florida State University with degrees in Digital Media Production and Creative Writing. Before working at WFSU, they recorded FSU’s basketball and baseball games for Seminole Productions as well as interned for the PBS Station in Largo, Florida. Robbie loves playing video games such as Shadow of the Colossus, Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Their other hobbies include sleeping and watching anime.  

Ways to Connect

computer screen with the word "security" on it, a cursor is poised below the word as if to click on it.

Florida’s Cybersecurity Task Force is warning the state against indirect attacks that could interfere with the 2020 elections. 

Group of people stand outside in the dark holding signs and yelling
Robbie Gaffney / WFSU-FM

Tallahassee’s City Commission will hear a presentation on conversion therapy during its December 4th meeting. The move comes as state lawmakers prepare to weigh a statewide ban of the practice.

tiny baby hand clutches the index finger of an adult.

In Florida, thousands of children live with an extended family member rather than a biological parent. However, that’s causing some issues and a new proposal would give courts more power to reunify children with parents.

Vehicle with a mechanical arm spit fire out onto grass.
Robbie Gaffney / WFSU-FM

The U.S. Forest Service is burning grass and bushes inside the Apalachicola National Forest. Such prescribed burns control wildfire risks while also replenishing habitat for fire-dependent plants and animals. 

Two people lean against a building at night. One of them is holding a cardboard sign that reads, "No hate in my state."
Robbie Gaffney / WFSU-FM

Activists want Florida to be the 16th state to ban conversion therapy. The practice is known for trying to change someone from gay to straight. Awareness of LGBTQ issues is on the rise, but that doesn't mean acceptance is widespread.

workers in neon colored vests walk along a dirt path. One worker is handling a frame.
Gulf Power Company

Gulf Power has completed the first of 300,000 panels for a new solar energy center in Jackson County. 

chubby manatee swims in clear water
Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida

Residents of Marion County saw Manatees gather in the Silver River last winter. That’s raising eyebrows with the folks at the Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida. The organization is now investing in research to find out why Manatees are changing where they swim.

A group of smiling people stand beside a sign reading, "suntrax." Clouds are above the group. The American and Florida Flags wave behind the sign. In the background is a white building.

Construction is underway for a new autonomous-vehicle test site in Florida. The Florida Department of Transportation is teaming up with Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise to build the facility. 

Woman in beanie holds sign that reads, "the scary gay agenda" below is a checklist of items, "laundry, dishes, groceries, job, vacuum, equality."
Robbie Gaffney / WFSU

Tallahassee’s City Commission is looking into whether it can ban conversion therapy locally. It comes as two bills pending before the legislature would block the practice statewide.

Man stands in suit and tie with a microphone in his hand. People are sitting down and staring up at him.
Florida House of Representatives

Anger at Florida’s Constitution Revision Commission continues a year after Floridians approved several new plans put on the November 2018 ballot. 

College students crowd around podium.
Robbie Gaffney / WFSU

The Florida Student Association (FSA) is pushing lawmakers to fund programs for college students who are homeless and hungry. 

Man in suit and tie stands at podium with flags behind him. Woman with camera is in the foreground
Robbie Gaffney / WFSU

Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor is asking the city to disqualify a candidate for Police Chief. Earlier this week, the city announced three finalists for the job. 

Houses along beach in Seadside
Erich Martin / WFSU

Florida lawmakers are trying to overrule Key West’s ban on certain sunscreen sales. They want the state – and not cities to regulate sales. The proposed law is moving up through the legislature.

Man in polo shirt stands at a podium with a cluster of microphones on top of it. Men in suits stand beside him. One person is holding a sign that reads, "I support protections against gay conversion." A camera is in the foreground recording Thomas.
Blaise Gainey / WFSU

Lawmakers are filing bills to stop counselors from practicing conversion therapy on minors. Former conversion therapy practitioners are rising to support the bill.

Gilliam wears a suit and tie. He sits alone at a square table with a microphone. Gilliam looks toward the camera.
Robbie Gaffney / WFSU

Antonio Gilliam, Lawrence Revell, and Lonnie Scott are the finalists for Tallahassee’s new police chief. The City is looking for someone who can reduce gun violence and improve relationships with communities of color.

water and trees.
Robbie Gaffney / WFSU

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is getting new funds to study endangered crayfish. Two rare species live in Florida.

Finding Nemo Characters - colorful fish are painted on the wall. A bed is in the middle of the room.
Robbie Gaffney / WFSU

A new emergency room is set to open in Tallahassee’s Southwood neighborhood. But It won’t have a hospital attached to it. ERs that stand alone are becoming more common.

Patronis is wearing a suit and tie. He's standing at a podium in front of a row of plush seats. The american flag is behind him. A reporter's head is in the foreground.
Robbie Gaffney / WFSU

Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis is advocating for a "one-size-fits-all" insurance policy that would apply no matter how a house is damaged.

Canady wears a suit and tie. He smiles at the viewer. The Florida flag is ruffled behind him along with a bookshelf. The shelf has thickly-bound books.
The Florida Supreme Court

Charles Canady will continue leading the Florida Supreme Court next summer. This will be his third-term as Chief Justice.

Eskamani stands at a podium with young adults from Planned Parenthood crowded around her. These adults hold signs that read, "Stop the Anti-Abortion Agenda," and "Protect Our Privacy, Stop HB 265/SB 404."
Robbie Gaffney / WFSU

Under a potential law, teens in Florida would need consent from their parents to get an abortion. Abortion-rights advocates gave lawmakers an earful Tuesday.

Football stadium is filled with people who are watching the game.
Robbie Gaffney / WFSU

The NCAA bans college athletes from profiting off their name, image, or likeness. California introduced a bill that would allow athletes to earn money and Florida is following its lead.

Young man in a football helmet and jersey looks toward the camera in confusion. His team is behind him.
Robbie Gaffney / WFSU

Once NCAA champions, The FSU Seminoles can’t seem to win this year. The most recent loss was to Wake Forest. But as FSU struggles, less than a mile away, the Florida A&M University Rattler's are triumphing this season, becoming top in their division.

Woman stands with her hands to the air like she's on a roller coaster. Others are behind her holding signs with words that spell, "Fund Corrections Pay Plan."

The Florida Department of Corrections is asking state legislators to increase its budget so it can address long-standing issues with the treatment of correctional officers and prisoners.

Disused kiosk with garbage on top of it.
Robbie Gaffney / WFSU

Greenwood's only grocery store caught fire after Hurricane Michael. A year after the storm, it still hasn’t been replaced. The residents of the Jackson County city are banding together to assist elderly and low-income neighbors who can’t travel to find fresh food.

Three children stand together. The middle child is yelling into a megaphone and the other two are holding climate change-related signs.
Robbie Gaffney / WFSU

Florida Republicans are beginning to lend their voice to traditionally liberal issues like climate change and LGBTQ rights.