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Paul Ryan Rallies Supporters In Panama City

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and running mate Paul Ryan are barnstorming key states leading up to Tuesday’s election. Ryan stopped in Panama City, Florida on Saturday.

Hundreds of people gathered at the Panama City Marina to hear Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan’s promise to take the country in a different direction under the Romney/Ryan ticket.

“Let’s wake up on Wednesday Nov. 7th and thank each and everyone one of ourselves because we did everything we could do to get this country back on the right track.  Florida is key you know that. Florida is everything,” Ryan said.

In his stump speech that lasted less than fifteen minutes, Ryan said the country can’t handle another four more years of the Obama administration.

“Mitt Romney and I, want to be really clear, we are asking for your vote out of love of country, not of revenge,” Ryan said.

Romney Supporter, Roy Pippin is using a walker because he’s disabled, and says he can’t work. He recently needed surgery but says that he’s fed up with Obamacare for making him go through two weeks of bureaucracy before providing him with the services he needed.

“I just believe the government just need to get out the way and let us the people, do for ourselves,” Pippin said.

Other speakers at the rally included Congressman Steve Southerland who’s seeking a second term in a race against Democrat Al Lawson and Connie Mack who’s trying to unseat Democratic Senator Bill Nelson. The Panama City Obama Campaign headquarters hosted a small event before the Ryan rally to with Sergeant Major John Estrada, who touted the Presidents efforts in looking out and caring for veterans.