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Green Party Wooing Dissatisfied Voters

Green Party U.S.

The Bernie or Bust movement is still alive, as its supporters maintain their refusal to vote for Hillary Clinton in the general election.The Green Party is looking to pick up those votes.


A Wall Street Journal poll says Clinton stands to lose 33 percent of Bernie supporters’ votes. Scott McLarty, the Green Party Media Coordinator, says the Green Party is reaching out to Sanders’ loyal following, presenting another option for the “Never Hillarys.” The Green Party platform parallels Sanders’ on a variety of issues, from social justice to environmental justice, but McLarty says his party is going after more than just dissatisfied Democrats.

“Donald Trump is just about the worst candidate for President anybody could imagine. I can’t believe how many otherwise rational or somewhat rational Republican politicians are endorsing him. And so therefore we hope that a lot of Republicans understand that they have other options too. I know that some Republicans are considering votes for Libertarians, we hope that they look at the Green Party as well,” he says.

The Green Party of the United States has recognized two candidates, William Kreml and 2012 nominee Jill Stein. The 2016 representative will be chosen on August 7 in Houston, Texas.