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Elections 2016

Trump Mobilizes Voters For And Against Him


Florida voters delivered Donald Trump some 99 delegates Tuesday, bringing him one big step closer to the nomination. But the Trump phenomenon has two sides: for and against.

Across the country, Donald Trump is tapping into the frustration and rage of mostly white, middle class voters. But he’s mobilizing other parts of the electorate as well: namely Latinos and immigrants. Serena Perez of New Florida Majority says Trump’s rhetoric is getting out the vote --- against him.

“Yeah I mean we are getting people who have been citizens for years and decades who have never registered before who are registering for the first time just so they can vote against Trump. And they are specifically saying that,” she said.

Still, Trump’s support is undeniable. But Frank Sharry of immigration group America’s Voice puts his success in perspective.

“Even with the rise of Trump and his giving voice to the hardcore nativist wing of the GOP, that still represents approximately 40% of the GOP. So Trump has given voice to 40% of one third of the country,” he said.

According to the Washington Post, Trump needs 57% of the remaining delegates in order to win a majority, and the nomination.