Yellow Cab

Yellow Car with Uber Plate
Monika Hoinkis

City commissioners are considering a plan they say would put drivers for the taxi app Uber on the same playing field as other cab drivers in Tallahassee. But the move seems to be honking some people off.

Jessica Palombo / WFSU-FM

For people heading to holiday parties or bars, there are some free ways to make sure there’s a safe ride home. A local drink distributor is sponsoring cab rides and car towing this month.

Drunk driving deaths increase during the holidays. That’s why local Budweiser distributor Tri-Eagle Sales and Yellow Cab are offering free rides home from Leon County restaurants and bars, from 8 p.m until 3 a.m., until New Year’s Day.

Tri-Eagle’s Kristen Black said, all people have to do is ask the bar manager to call Yellow Cab.