Vietnam War

Brandon Oh via Creative Commons

The Tallahassee National Cemetery is observing the Vietnam War’s 50th Anniversary Tuesday.

Governor Rick Scott has signed a bill into law redesigning military and veteran specialty license plates as well as updating references to certain wars under Florida’s statute.

The bill signed Thursday contains several provisions, including renaming the Korean Conflict Veteran special license plate to “Korean War.” Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs Spokesman Steve Murray says it also makes that change in Florida statute along with replacing references to the “Vietnam Era.”

Forty years ago U.S. soldiers returned home after an almost 20 year war in Vietnam. The Leon County Commission honored the veterans with a well-deserved welcome home ceremony Saturday.

Close to 60,000 American service members lost their lives and almost 2,000 remain missing in action after the twenty-year old Asian conflict. But, when those that survived finally returned home, most were greeted with angry protests and not open arms. Leon County Commission Chairman Nick Maddox read from a proclamation seeking to finally and formally welcome the veterans home.