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Gov. Scott is planning audits for some hospitals and insurers in Medicaid managed care.
Nick Evans

Gov. Rick Scott is trying to corral costs for the state’s Medicaid managed care program.  He’s directing state officials to audit contracts between participating hospitals and insurers.

U.S. and French troops on patrol together in Djibouti.
U.S. Marine Corporal Adam C. Schnell

More than 600 Florida guardsmen are on their way to the horn of Africa.  They’ll participate in Operation Enduring Freedom.

Florida lawmakers redraw congressional districts August 10.
Erik Hersman via Flickr

The Legislature will begin its special session next week, but drafting of the base map—the session’s starting point—has already begun.  Voting rights groups are upset it isn’t happening in public.

After Mr. Obama's announcement of executive action, the face of immigration could become far more complex.
Gerson Galang via Flickr

Former Florida Governor and GOP Presidential candidate Jeb Bush has unveiled an immigration reform plan.  Bush posted details of his proposal to the social media website, and it features a pathway to citizenship.

The guns-on-campus debate is back. Two Republican conservatives are reviving controversial legislation that died last year.

Representative Greg Steube of Sarasota describes himself as a long-time supporter of Second Amendment rights. He says college students have as much a need to defend themselves as anyone else.

“Just because you walk onto a college campus I don’t think that that should be any different than walking in any other place in our community.”