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“Mission Creep” is a term used to describe the increase in community colleges offering four-year degrees. Critics say the idea started innocently but has grown out of control. Now, as Matthew Seeger reports, a deal between lawmakers and the colleges may be close.

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Florida has the largest percentage of seniors in the United States, and officials expect that number to grow as more baby boomers reach the retirement age. With that in mind, lawmakers are looking to fix the state’s assisted living industry, which has been riddled lately with stories of neglect and abuse.

When the House drills a little further down its calendar next week, environmentalists will get another chance to do their bit against fracking. Lawmakers are going ahead with plans to create some ground rules for the oil and gas industry.

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A measure allowing terminally ill people to use experimental drugs without needing full federal approval has passed the Florida House, after several lawmakers shared their personal stories.

Florida's unemployment rate compared to the national rate.
Florida Department of Economic Opportunity

Officials have released Florida’s unemployment figures for the month of March.