Sen. Alan Hays

Shands Jacksonville says losing LIP funds could shut it down.
University of Florida

Governor Rick Scott’s newly-formed hospital workgroup is quickly becoming a hot ticket. Several lawmakers are volunteering to serve on the panel that will examine hospital funding.


Public Private Land Swap Survives First Vote

Apr 15, 2015
State of Florida

Environmentalists began the session wondering why the Department of Agriculture was playing such a key role in major rewrites of state land and water policy. With just three weeks to go, ag creep is picking up speed.

Florida Senate

Lawmakers moved a step closer Wednesday to dividing up more than $750 million to meet the conservation demands of Amendment 1. The House and Senate are on a collision course over affordable housing and its piece of the pie.

Nobody waves an American flag better than conservative Republican Senator Alan Hays from rural Umatilla.

To prove it, he’s proposing a bill that would require school boards to screen a patriotic documentary to eighth and eleventh-grade students.

Hays wants to require attendance for screenings of “America: Imagine the World Without Her.”  

Under his bill, school boards would have to offer it to eighth grade and eleventh grade students. Hays says the documentary balances the curriculum.