revenue outlook

Florida Department of Economic Opportunity

By most economic measures, the state of Florida isn’t expected to return to normal for at least another couple of years following the Great Recession. That’s the outlook the state’s chief economist delivered to the Legislative Budget Commission today.

After falling steadily, Florida’s unemployment rate has stagnated at around 6 percent recently. That’s in line with the national rate. And the Legislature’s chief economist, Amy Baker, says there’s a good reason the unemployment rate hasn’t continued falling.

Florida's economy to remain bumpy until 2015

Jul 23, 2012

Florida’s economic recovery is shaping up to look like a game of red light-green light. Sometimes it’s on the upswing, and sometimes it appears to be coming to a dead stop. But state economists say it appears the state is gaining economic steam, and that those gains will continue—as long as Florida manages to avoid national and international pitfalls looming ahead.