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Florida Governor Rick Scott and Florida U.S. Senator Marco Rubio are blasting President Obama’s move to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba. The U.S. and the socialist country have been at odds for more than fifty years. Governor Rick Scott expressed his disapproval in a written statement.

President Barack Obama visited the Port of Miami last Friday to talk about his proposal to improve America’s infrastructure, including trade ports. But, Florida Governor Rick Scott says Obama’s effort is too little, too late.

“It’s a partnership with the private sector that creates jobs, upgrading what our businesses need most: modern ports to move our goods, modern pipelines to withstand a storm, modern schools worthy of our children.”

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Lynn University in Boca Raton is bracing for its moment in the national spotlight as it plays host to the final presidential debate on Monday.

There is plenty of excitement buzzing around the campus for the big day. Freshman, Andrea Schwarzkopf, quickly called her father to tell the good news after she was picked in the lottery to see the debate, live. 

“I won, I’m going to the debate I have a ticket in my hand right now. I was the second one picked. '  'Congratulations," said her father over the cell phone. ” 

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First Lady Michelle Obama spoke to a sold-out crowd of the president’s supporters at the Leon County Civic Center on Monday night. The first lady urged those at the rally to get their friends to register and vote, in what could be a very close presidential race in Florida.

Katina Boyd, of Quincy, was one of thousands of the president’s supporters who came to the campaign event in Tallahassee.

“I’m fired up and ready to go. Obama, baby!” she said after the rally.

Larry Klayman and Michael Voeltz
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A Florida judge is deciding whether to dismiss a case challenging President Barack Obama’s citizenship. In a hearing on Monday, conservative legal activist Larry Klayman argued that Obama should be kept off the Florida ballot this November.

In Florida’s Second Judicial Circuit Court, Klayman argued on behalf of plaintiff Michael Voeltz, a registered Democrat from Fort Lauderdale. Klayman said the president is not a natural-born citizen because his father was not a U.S. citizen.