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State lawmakers have finished their first week of special session.
Nick Evans

The Legislature has wrapped up its first week of special session, and if there’s one unifying theme it’s dissatisfaction with the Supreme Court.

John Ausman's proposal for District 5.
FL Senate District Explorer

Florida legislative staff members responsible for crafting the first draft of congressional borders took questions about their work Tuesday.

There's going to be a tad more sunshine during this special session.
Nick Evans

As Florida lawmakers take up the task of redrawing the state’s congressional map, they’re facing heightened transparency requirements.  Perhaps it won’t come as a surprise, but some legislators aren’t very happy.

Quinnipiac's most recent polling could play a role in who debates where in the first Republican presidential debate.
Nick Evans

The first presidential debate is looming, and under revised rules all seventeen Republican hopefuls—including two big names from Florida—will be squeezing onstage.  The only question is whether they’ll be the on the main stage or part of the opening act.

Florida's congressional redo is turning into a statewide game of musical chairs.
David Maddison via Flickr

In about two weeks state lawmakers will gather in Tallahassee to redraw Florida’s congressional borders.  And the scope of those changes is turning races across the state into a game of musical chairs.